The LOCO London Comedy Film Festival is back for its fifth year at BFI Southbank and selected cinemas in 2016 with new dates and a new programming strategy, celebrating the world’s most original comedy film-making. Want to get in touch about partnership or anything else?

Festival dates

Our new dates are 20 April – 1 May 2016, which means that we can host the UK premieres of new films from Sundance, Rotterdam, Berlin and SXSW for the first time. More days also means fewer clashes, so you won’t have to choose between two conflicting premieres or live events.

Our programming approach 

LOCO has always believed that comedy can do more than make you laugh: at its best it’s a way for film-makers to look at social issues, ethical dilemmas and universal human experiences in an entertaining way. Comedy can be a safe space for dangerous ideas. And this can be just as true of a Hollywood blockbuster as it is of a low budget independent film: we love Inside Out as well as Gone Too Far.

So, inspired by The Wizard of Oz, we’re looking for comedy films with brains, heart and courage:

Brains We’re looking for films that have something to say. Films that make us think as well as make us laugh. Films with themes or ideas that feel surprising and new.

Heart We’re looking for films that make us care. Bold, exciting characters who we may not like, but can’t help loving. Stories that the film-makers simply had to tell.

Courage We’re looking for films that push the medium further. They may have provocative themes, or radical film-making techniques, or they may challenge the audience in some way. The best comedy is fearless, and so are the best comedy films.

UK and international films

LOCO is the UK’s only international comedy film festival.

We’re looking for new British shorts and feature films, and we’ll have more shorts programmes than ever this year. We’ll also be holding the fifth LOCO Discovery Awards, highlighting the most original new British film-makers in shorts and feature films.

We’re also looking for new international comedy feature films that have never been screened in the UK. We’re not looking for shorts from outside the UK.

A greater variety of voices in comedy

We’re particularly looking for new films from BAME and LGBTQI film-makers, as well as from film-makers with a physical disability or mental health condition. British comedy needs a much greater variety of voices, and we’re working hard to help make that happen.

How to submit your film

Submissions will be open from 1st September – 30th November through Flock, the festival submissions platform from the film-makers’ network Shooting People. You can submit your film here and download the full terms and conditions here: LOCO submissions

UK Shorts (Under 20mins)

Early bird Deadline: 30/09/2015 £15.00

Regular Deadline: 30/11/2015 £20.00

UK Features (Over 70 mins)

Early bird Deadline: 30/09/2015 £25.00

Regular Deadline: 30/11/2015 £30.00

International Features (Over 70 mins)

Early bird Deadline: 30/09/2015 £35.00

Regular Deadline: 30/11/2015 £40.00

Programme launch 

We’ll be announcing the full programme of screenings, live events and training early March  2016.

ABOUT LOCO and the LOCO London Comedy Film Festival

LOCO is a not-for-profit foundation that discovers, develops and screens the world’s most original comedy film-makers. The LOCO London Comedy Film Festival is a BFI Partner Festival and a member of the BFI Film Audience Network.

If you have any questions about submissions please email submissions@locofilmfestival.com