LOCO is a not-for-profit foundation, and we really appreciate your support. We have commissioned some of Britain’s most exciting artists to create these beautiful limited edition prints for LOCO screenings, and their sales help to support our work.

Limited Edition Prints


Designed by Sam Ashby and illustrated by Paul Slater, this stunning new poster is a unique collaboration between two outstanding British artists to celebrate one of our favourite films. If you’d like a limited edition print, signed and numbered by Sam and Paul, please email hello@locofilmfestival.com for details.

SHAUN OF THE DEAD : Designed by Alexandra Delaney, signed by the artist:

Limited Edition of 50 : £20 +p&p : Email hello@locofilmfestival.com to purchase


THE DAY OFF a film written for Tony Hancock by Ray Galton and Alan Simpson

Designed by Behrad Taherparvar : Limited Edition of 50.

Signed by Galton and Simpson, the artist and the full cast of our 2012 World Premiere performance, including Tom Goodman-Hill, Alexander Kirk, Norman Lovett, Emma Kennedy, Sara Pascoe, Susy Kane, Morwenna Banks & Kevin Eldon : £30 +p&p : Email hello@locofilmfestival.com to purchase

LIFE IS SWEET : Designed by Noreen Khan, signed by the artist : Limited Edition of 50,

£20 + p&p : Email hello@locofilmfestival.com to purchase

THE CHAMPION (Charlie Chaplin): Designed by Rebecca Buckland, signed by the artist : Limited Edition of 20 : Please enquire for availability and price: hello@locofilmfestival.com

SHERLOCK JR. (Buster Keaton) : Designed by Mike Dolan, signed by the artist : Limited Edition of 20 : Please enquire for availability and price: hello@locofilmfestival.com

SUBMARINE OPENING NIGHT ; Designed by Lizzy Stewart ; Limited Edition of 50. Only unsigned available : £20 +p&p : Email hello@locofilmfestival.com to purchase

PLEASE NOTE: All Signed prints are SOLD OUT – but we still have a few unsigned available

A WEEK OF TRANSFORMATIONS ; Designed by Anna Brooks ; Signed by the artist : Limited Edition of 20 : £20 +p&p : Email hello@locofilmfestival.com to purchase

We are always looking for new artists for event print commissions. if you are interested in designing something for us, please contact us at hello@locofilmfestival.com.