Jake Goretzki is a London-based part-time cartoonist who works as a marketing consultant during the day (an industry that provides more inadvertent comedy than the flakiest rollerskate or banana factory). He draws cartoons about everyday life, ‘a little bit of politics’, marketing and occasional weedy dad-jokes. His drawings can be found at grtzk.com. His thoughts and scribbles can be found below…

I grew up in a Guardian-reading eighties household, so have been muttering about class most of my life. The British class system is now more entrenched than I’ve ever known it. At the same time, we’re seeing the apolitical surrender of my and younger generations, in a period where social mobility has withered and where to be working class or hard-up is to seemingly be either a ‘chav’ or a ‘scrounger’.

As LOCO have rightly said, social class is superb territory for humour. It generates endless fumbling, posturing and hypocrisy. On the drawings front, I’ve always particularly loved having a dig at (mostly middle class) pieties and anxieties (things like gentrification, the Guardian, middle class parenting and everyday social snobbery). In fact – true story – I like class-based comedy so much, I moved to Surbiton to be closer to The Good Life (NB a 21st century Tom and Barbara Good would still be renting a studio flat).

– Jake Goretzki –




satirical cartoon #1_Downton

satirical cartoon 4 schoolhouse

satricial cartoon #2_warehouses

satirical cartoon #3_Iknowmyplace